The Art of Michael Paukner

February 4, 2010

Take some time to go through the beautiful artwork of Michael Paukner. This one on the no.23 (my favorite number) but heaps to be inspired by.

2 Responses to “The Art of Michael Paukner”

  1. kseverny Says:

    its a great idea and a cool result

  2. Dan Buenaventura Says:

    Mr. Ian Stewart,

    We are in dire need of your help. We were able to attend the 21st Philippine Advertising Congress last November 2009 and got enticed by your talk about Social Networking and Friendster.

    We are Media (College) students from the Philippines, decided to go for the topic “The Rise and Fall of Friendster (And Its Eventual Rise)” for our thesis and my professor Sir Jay Bautista (Nielsen) and Mr. Donald Lim ( suggested that we try to contact you.

    Sharing your knowledge will definitely help us in our study. Let us know how you want to us to ask the questions (either through email or maybe Twitter)

    Thank you, thank you so much, sir. Just in case, my email address is:

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